The Music Garden

The outdoor music area is one of the most striking features at Perkisound and this is constantly evolving with new additions arriving every year. It is our aim to have the best music garden in the UK!
Turtle drums, Cowbell stand, large marimba, tuned petal drums, full set of congas, giant guiro percussion leaves and a full set of Tubular bells.

Turtle Drums:
This friendly pair of untuned wooden drums have a percussive but subtle sound and you can sit on them as you play!
Cowbell Stand:
A set of 5 tuned cowbells mounted on a sturdy wooden frame
Petal Drums:
These have a metal drum heart played with beaters, create beautiful Gamelan sounds that really sparkle!
Giant Marimba:
With a big warm sounding tone, the marimba is tuned to a pentatonic scale.
Percussion posts:
Elegant leaf design that make a distinct edgy sound when scraped, like a giant guiro.
Rainbow congas:
A colourful set of drums to be played by hand with assorted finger techniques!
Complete with Perkisound logo, the rainwheel is just the thing to relax and feel good.
Tubular bells:
The crowning glory of our music garden. Big bright sounds that are gentle on the ear, listen out for the resounding harmonics.